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I think I just made that word up - but I passed auditing. After 3 years, and a bajillion temper tantrums, I have finally passed this component of my accounting degree! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! I feel like I am top of some kind of compliance based, bureaucratically underpinned world! However, my pass is a P - which is 50%-60%. This confirms that although I worked like a slave to pass the subject, my inability not to get paper bag breathingly nervous at exams remains intact.
In much nicer events, from an old drawer I found in the alleyway next to my house, my virtous husband has made me a thread holder.

Its inherent loveliness is perhaps better displayed when not drowned in camera flash, but it is so convenient and means that I can see the colours I have to hand very quickly.


I am so in love with the ribbons in Sydney - the argyle ones on sale will be mine, oh yes! Ribbons Galore.

Toni from the fabulous FatchickCrafts pointed me in the direction of two wonderful things - Colonial Crafts pure wool felt in wonderful range of colours [ I know I am not the only one who has failed to find it locally in exciting colours] and Soy Luster [I feel so terrible spelling it with the ‘er’ rather than the ‘re’ - but I suppose that thread manufacturers can be as appalling as they want, because the thrall of needlepoint blinds people to dialect spelling …].

These rings are SUPER cute - Twisted Twee’s knitted rings, but I am mostly interested in how they are assembled …

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