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So I took this picture at work because I thought it was a cool pattern.

It surprises me that the guys in the head office warehouse could make something so interesting - when generally they throw boxes together and bind them up with pallett wrapping so that they look like something out of a cartoon [you know that Daffy Duck is going to touch one - and the contents will explode onto him!]. I think it would probably translate well into a quilt - but I am not ‘big picture’ enough to be able to make it work [my colour choice is shocking, and I can never visualise ahead far enough to make things work]. I suppose if I choose three or four whiteish colours and used them consistently through the quilt it would have the same effect, but I love using colour too much.
I have made my October 5432etsy purchase - I was very torn between some lovely sounding vegan soap, but in the end I thought the better of it, and got this:

If I make it in the Jennifer Paganelli fabric it should be work safe! I will have to trek down to Speckle Farm which, in a nice coincedence, is opposite my LYS. I worry that I will look like a woman who works in a school canteen if I wear a shirtwaisted dress, which was my orginal plan.

I am also kind of thinking about making my aunt Interweave’s swallowtail shawl for Christmas - I am concerned that it might be too much of a challenge as I have never knitted anything tiny or very complex. Any new to knitting people who have made it? How was it? I have read a couple of swallow tail KALS which seem to be entirely written by people who don’t talk about difficulty - but string together letters like ‘bobble 2p SSYO PPSH 3OMG WTF BQQ til the end of row’. Perhaps I should try something I little easier … Also - I need to finish ‘Rodney’ which has languished in a bag since he has become large and ungainly on my needles. I like the idea of making stuff for people for Xmas - not just because I am a skinflint but I know my uncle will love it. My aunt may not - but I am not fussed if she doesn’t wear it.

Easy peasy!

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All signed up!

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