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After a perilous journey over land and sea, from a teetering pile of washing, on a ironing board in the suburbs to a workplace near the city - what would an explorer find? [Or more to the point - in a malnourished flickr account on the wired …]

Perhaps some pretty, arbitralily placed descreases in inky 12 ply? [Or an overexposed snap of a sleeve?]

Or some half folded clothes? [Which show that the creator has an naughtily inquisitive hound with a whiteish coat?]

What about a reluctant model who says that he can’t fit his head through the neck hole? [Taking a picture in St Kilda means that you are either a narc or a mark. I don’t know which is more alarming.]

Or perhaps laid out in all its dog hair bespangled glory - proof that a process knitter can produce a product!

I present to you - Tom’s jumper!

After nearly 2 years of knitting I have finally finished knitting my uncle a jumper. Admittedly, most of this period was spent in an ornery hiatus looking for my copy of “Knitting without Tears” [which still manages to evades capture] but this was otherwise a very quick knit. 12ply wool and a lack of pattern or need to purl meant that this was something that could be knit in any situation where my hands could be left to do what they want and my brain could be otherwise engaged.

I am very pleased with my efforts to finish, even tho it has taken so long, but the actual product is not what I have envisaged [which was, of course, “The Perfect Jumper That Would Fit the Surprised Recipient Perfectly Despite the lack of Measurement in its Creation’ TM]. Although there are a few random yarn overs that have appeared [as it the burly wool had a poorly constrained need to burst into delicate lace] and the neck is a trifle snug, the most alarming development is that the upper half is … funny looking. Not wrong or poorly made, just funny looking.

I think it is something about how the yoke gasps its way toward the neck in odd bursts of contraction, or maybe it is something about how the white streak [inserted because I hadn’t enough ink wool] gives an odd halo to the wearer - like there is salvation to be found from modelling beside a ute.

I am now making Stefanie Japel’s Raglan from the Top Down, which is making pleasant progress and which has the extra benefit of allowing me to try it on periodically to make sure the damn thing still fits [in whatever scoliotic definition of ‘fit’ I am using to keep my mind assured of the worth of this endeavour.] i enjoy knitting in the round, as I am rubbish at purling, but this does have a few consequences. I am hoping to make this a cardigan, which would mean that I would need to … steek it.

As this particular topic scares me unduly, I treated it like all knitting issues that I need remedied but leave me quaking in my boots - I airily mentioned that I was going to do it to my mother in law. This exchange goes like this:

Moi: I am casting on this scarf which involves purling 3 and then making 3 on that stitch - how on earth would someone complete that kind of abomination?

MIL: Oh that is easy - just go like this, and then this and then done.

And it is always done. Dropped stitches, picked up. Kitchener joins, no problem. Cabling worries, revented while watching the news. But in this instance - no …

MIL: What have you got there?

Moi: Just a cardigan that I am making.

SIL: But you are knitting all the way around. How will you make it a cardigan?

MIL: Oh you steek it. I have never done that, it sounds a bit scary.

Moi: [poorly restrained squeak in recognition of dreams collapsing]

Perhaps having a sister in law be an onlooker is the cause all this trouble, but in any event, it is a case of “In-laws not as omniscient in fibre arts as advertised. Would not ebay with again.” I am hoping that this will be remedied before I finish my waistband, because I would have to expand on Yarn Harlot’s example and be epically blotto before I could wilfully cut something I had knit!

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