Little by little

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Oh you may say - her embroidery is continuing.

But, you may think - what is that … stain?

Lawdy, no!
I have been working away at it in the spare time I have, mostly lunches at work and so forth - but trying to combine lunch and white fabric was never going to succeed. Coffee - my wondrous love and bitter nemesis, splashed onto one section!!

I don’t know how I haven’t discovered flickr gazing before - it seems to fulfil all the criteria I need to engage with it -

  1. Enormous time sink
  2. Looking at beautiful things
  3. Learning new skills [although I use the word learn in a VERY loose fashion]
  4. Important source of time sinking
  5. More time on the intarwebs
  6. You bet your boots that my time doesn’t waste itself
  7. Inspiration
  8. Massive time sink

I have yet to figure out how to make mosaics - but when I do figure it out, there will be mosaics ahoy! There are some beautiful photos on flickr [none of them belong to me!] and moreover some delectable crafty pictures.*

Kim [from trueup, which I read with a kind of glinting eyed fervour more often associated with people who have just found a way to guarantee their way to eternal afterlife ] has developed a cute challenge -

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it: go through your stash (or the internet, if your stash is not hearty enough) and find a tossed, one-way, and two-way repeat in each category: geometric, floral, and novelty. That’s nine different fabrics. If you post about it on your blog (don’t know how exciting that would be to your readers, but I’d love it!) please let me know in the comments.

I will post next time after I have had a chance to pull out the maps drawers.

*[Flickr gazing is second only to time wasted on youtube, which leads to me find of the week - NERDs ‘Everybody Nose‘. This has inspired me on a might one woman army crusade against cocaine.I didn’t realise that the scant precious time I spend out of a night [anyone else in danger of being picked up by Cinderella’s punkin truck at 10.30pm ??] was being wasted when trying to go to the loo only to have time wasting females taking up the cubicles WHEN THEY DON’T EVEN NEED TO GO! Oh gentle reader, when I figured out that party going women who could stay out much longer than me were using up all the bathroom space and they probably don’t even have any urine in their bodies - I was beside myself! How very dare they?

Mostly, tho, I have just been bopping along to the song. ^_^]

Some reasonable satin stitch

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Applique and how it hurts me

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