Magic in the ground

Posted by kidneurotic on April 24th, 2010 — Posted in gardening

Sometimes when making things - or assisting in creation, you don’t really have a lot of control.
In making nice things for my house, the nicest things I can assist in making is cut flowers for the house.

Although they are a tiny little thing that your eyes wouldn’t really notice terribly much in a hallway - the smell that they produce is just intoxicating.

However, what entertains my mind the most - even after all these years, I still can’t get over Outkast’s perception of the gardening olfactory irony - roses really do smell like poo!When they are cut from the plant and brought inside they lose the ambient stench of rotting organic matter that powers their beautiful growth, but outside, the appalling smell is what makes them my dogs’ favorite.They roll around in fertiliser and eat it as if it were ambrosia from Olympus. They snuffle in paroxysms of ecstasy as if they have found the highest form of bagged perfection available on earth.

In less stenchy developments, my cross quilt is coming together well. I really like the chambray sashing - but am unsure of whether quilting might be made more difficult by having a non quilting fabric there.Time will tell!