New ways to hurt my fingers … and a fraternity of mittens.

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So the last hiatus was quitting my job, getting married, finding another job, quitting another job …. and procrastinating the connubial thank you notes …

The ever wonderful Yarn Barn remains an Aladdin’s cave of wonderful things - my latest purchase are some felting needles.
As I am a big girl now, and allowed to do such things as use the stove, and be trusted to close the glass door at my grandparents house - I recklessly thought I would be able to use barbed needles to stab a piece of material and would come out unscathed … This has proved to be not the case. My fingers are healing, but it is quit a learning curve about what fabrics are happy to felt and what I need to rethink.

I have also been making more mittens - black and white ones in an odd very thick cotton with black eyelash through it, some pretty purpleish self striping ones and some grey striped ones all for various friends. The biggest problem I have encountered is that until the last pair, I hadn’t differentiated the thumbs on either side - so except for the blackones, they are all basically left handed … I hope this won’t be a problem, but if nothing else it is a cautionary tale for knitters who are only interested in putting on a stitch marker on the LHS end of of the body pattern and just casting on extra gusset stitches after that.

As the weather is just graduating into a sunny hayfeverish spring here, 8 ply mittens are not the gift that they were 3 months ago - but I guess they will keep. I am going to make some for a friend’s girlfriend who is going back to Chicago, and I hope that the prospect of a cold winter will make them a little more useful than they are in Australia.

The other project is to make a kitty eared hat for a friend - he asked for it ages ago, and I suspect that he thinks that I have forgotten, but I have been searching for a pattern that I can make! I am ok do make a beanie without a pattern - but I am at a loss about how to shape the ears … I remember seeing a pattern for a hat ages ago, but I ignored it as it was just a child, but I suspect that the ear shaping would be universal. I might have to track it down again, and start on a completely seasonally inappropriate project!

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