Catching up

Posted by kidneurotic on July 23rd, 2007 — Posted in kntting

It has nearly been a year … I have many feeble excuses as to why I haven’t kept up my blog - but they are all boring and not worth your bandwidth.

If nothing else, I have become a more confident happy knitter in the interim - so I present to you my poor homage to Fetching and Dashing, which I knit for Eric.

Instead of pretty cables and such, I inserted a lacey bit, which didn’t work so well on the thick wool [Paton’s Jet], and the variegated yarn didn’t have an identifiable repeat in the small section I used so the whole pair thing… doesn’t appear so pairish.

But they look handsome on Eric’s hands, and I am glad to have a nice FO to show off. : )
I am making some more mittens for Honor who has dainty fingers too. I am thinking about some beading on a paler lacey insert on these … [I like the ribbing on the inverted side more than than the flat sensible side.] I had made a pair - but I jiggered the lacey bits [different pattern on each mitten - it seems I can’t follow a pattern] and miscalculating the number of rows done before starting the final cable at the top. So they will go the op shop, where I hope someone will appreciate them for their rustic charm, and Honor’s will be made more regularly!

I am also interested in trying a proper gusset - as Eric’s mittens only have a tube coming off at 90 degrees …