Hospital Swatching

Posted by kidneurotic on October 30th, 2007 — Posted in kntting

So, after a fortnight, my friend of still in hospital [and I manage to bump his gammy leg every time I go in or out of the ward] and I am still knitting and keeping him company. Although my green sock is staring at me reproachfully from my desk, I have been swatching for a Christmas present for my mum.

I am not sure what to do about colour - while I prefer the red, both visually and to knit with, it is Bendigo’s Rustic which is a gorgeous pure new wool that is a joy to knit with … so handwash only for that lil critter. [I have made all my felt bags out of Rustic which is an indication of its distaste for a washing machine!] Whereas the pink is Classic which is a machine washable crepe and it is a colour I have seen Mum wear more. It is not so joyous to knit with tho … My mum just solved the issueby saying that she had never had anything precious enough to handwash, so that is why she has never handwashed anything. If she did have something precious, she said she would dryclean. I feel better now knowing that I am not going to give someone a present that is a washing liability!

As an aside, that photo shows off the cabling reasonably well - but it was taken at an angle while the block I had pinned it out on was on the floor. I wonder whether you can insist that reciepients of your gifts must lie on the floor and have people appraoch from odd angles so that they can best appreciate the interplay of patterns in your gifts!

Hospital knitting

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New ways to hurt my fingers … and a fraternity of mittens.

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