Miserable January

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It is ironic that in the northern hemisphere, January is the dead of winter. In a lot of Australia, a case could equally be made for the dead of summer. Except that having ruminated and stored a whole lot of bile about how abhorrent the heat is - M Town is suddenly a bit grey. There was a little bit of rain last night. I wished I had worn something more substantial than a summer dress to work … Perhaps the key to defeating global warming is to think miserable thoughts about summer?

To give my friend Sam a little advice about felting [and anyone else who wants to write an outraged letter to the paper about young folk on their lawn and how much wool shrinks in the felting process]:

These are great comparison shots I know [the whole apples vs apples in scale is a wonderful and mysterious phenomenon to me] but the numbers suggest that my knitting shrank by about half. I didn’t bother to put a sideways scale because I only lost about 5% in width.


A pincushion brooch with kanzashi petals and a measuring tape for a back, for the sewing notion swap. Modelled by the last of the brooch wearing husbands of mine …

and a novelty button swap.


Clever web app for making cross stitch patterns - Dark Lilac

Apparently, Taronga Park Zoo wants knitted pouches for their orphaned animals - according to the wool craft page of Vision Australia.

A challenge to all who would step up

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