Thoughts but no pictures

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I have been thinking about the Take It Further challenge for this month, about what I can remember. Also vascillating about the video game nostalgia - as demonstrated so well in Sprite Stitch, I thought about something a little closer to home.

In 1983, the Ash Wednesday fires swept through south eastern Australia - I was a tiny tot, but I still remember flying from my grandparents house in the north to home in Melbourne during this. It just seemed a bit grey to me, but I remember how concerned my mum was. [It was the first time I had ever been on a plane, so that was what made it memorable!] Fire is such a defining part of Australian summer, and in the last few years we have had some terrible ones.
When I have charged my camera, I will put up my pictures.
In other parts of the web:
Resource Revival makes clever things from bike parts - I have seen this before, but like their bowl very much.

Shuffling around

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Welcome Swapbotters

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