Posted by kidneurotic on March 21st, 2008 — Posted in swap, etsy, fabric

I have hit a posting slump of late, mostly because I have been doing a stack of swaps, and I have finally started to do something with my etsy shop.

I am just selling excess bits of fabric [of which my maps drawers are amply supplied], but I am having terrible trouble - my camera and I don’t see eye to eye on its role in my life. My camera asserts that it is an electronic device that (with practice, careful use and consideration to composition of the picture) can be used to take pictures that will please the eye.

I am convinced that the pixies inside it are gradually becoming corrupted by modern life - AND THE WONDROUS WORKS OF ART THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO EMERGE INTO THE FOLDER ON MY DESKTOP ARE BEING RUINED BY THEIR THOUGHTLESS FRAMING AND BLURRED FOCUS. [It has made the correlation between high readership blogs and good photos more salient tho. I think that there is a sociology thesis in there somewhere.]

Masterpieces like this:

or this work that Ansell Adams would have been proud of

So I will keep trying, but I think all this arty stuff is trying to access a different part of my brain that I have let atrophy. Even the okish ones you will be able to see in my etsy widget to your right are a bit lacklustre.
These are instructions on how to meddle with your camera to take nicer photos from the prodigiously posting modish

These designs are very cute - I love the dog. Ottobre Designs

Emily has made a fantastic list of stitch dictionaries from the floss box

How to miter/mitre a quilt Instructions that I didn’t follow properly and thus have wonky mitres …