Silver lined

Posted by kidneurotic on November 26th, 2008 — Posted in sewing, shopping, etsy

Although I sold very little in the market of last weekend, there is (as there always is) a little metallic sheen to the cumulus - that I will finally have something that I made to put in my etsy store. I have never sold anything I have made on etsy, and hope this will be put to bed soon as I feel like I am missing out on some great warm and fuzzy experience of crafters throughout the world.

Here are the some photos of said unsold totes - it is remarkable how much natural lighting improves a photo and how much a bike tote can look like it is suffering from some kind of jaundice.

The owl tote is less sallow, but the detail of the button eyes is lost.

In house news, we are still unpacking, but things are starting to come together and I am becoming more comfortable with the prospect of owning a house. We put up knife racks last night and it was the first time I have ever been allowed to put something on the wall with a fastener other than blue tack [and my conscientious tenant parents didn’t exactly encourage that either] so this was a moment of minor triumph for me. I had the same odd guilt that I had when I first drove a car by myself after getting my licence, but my husband assures me that people who are their own landlords can do things that normal landlords wouldn’t allow. I have some unresolved worries about whether putting some screws and a magnetic Ikea knife rack onto the kitchen wall may constitute the ‘changes of a substantial nature to the property’ that we are not supposed to undertake without consulting the Commonwealth Bank of Australia … I also put up the darling little measuring spoon set I bought at Douglas and Hope ages before we had even started looking for a house. It looks so neat in its spot, that I am reluctant to use it for mensuration!

The First Time

Posted by kidneurotic on November 23rd, 2008 — Posted in shopping