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Posted by kidneurotic on February 13th, 2009 — Posted in stitching, embroidery, swap

I have slowly got back into the idea of swapping - and I am pleased as getting mail surprises never fails to thrill me. This is for a brooch swap:

The wool is hand felted and the plum colour in the middle is hand dyed wool roving. It was lovely to make, and I hope my swapee enjoys it.

These are for a redwork penny square swap:


The sewing for anything like this is always pretty simple, once the agonising task of having to settle on something is finished. My big problem is that I found that my Matryoshka is a little uneven, and I couldn’t get her eyes right. She looks like she is smugly asleep!
I suppose I am the only person in the blogosphere who hasn’t talked about the horrific fires we have had here in Victoria. I just feel that I can’t say anything that can help anyone to understand or make sense of such a tragedy, as I think my sentiments would probably be inadequate. What I would do is suggest that people donate to The Red Cross who are working tirelessly to help people in a hellish situation. There are a number of other blog promoted efforts and I hope that people will assist where they can. My brave uncle is cutting fire containment lines in his bulldozer on one side of the

Some links:

Dioramarama’s neat tutorial of patchworking a circle. I am intrigued, but am a little worried about it too. Trying it on a small scale sounds like the best I got.

Handmade Help is an appeal for crafter for the fires.