When the internet tells fibs

Posted by kidneurotic on December 27th, 2009 — Posted in quilting

Sometimes the internet and I are great friends - it shows me beautiful inspiring things that people do and make and wonderful things that happen.

Sometimes, the internet shows me horrific things, and sometimes the internet tells me fibs.

One fib is the fib about ‘you too can make a beautiful unlumpy, unbumpy, straight seamed quilt with nice even quilting and without miles of mysteriously unused wadding sticking out from the side.’ There are so many inspirational quilt makers out there who just make lovely quilts and don’t make it seem like a tortured process.

Rita goes from showing off stash to perfect quilts in mere keystrokes it seems. Amanda Jean doesn’t even appear to have to go through the process of any sewing - it is like there must be some kind of piecing and free motion vortex that lands perfectly perfect quilts at her house of a morning. People make quilts with parallel lines that are parallel and not wonkily whimsically straight.

Quilts are made without the discovery of several feet of selvedge in the middle …

Quilts are made without parallel lines diverging …

Quilts are made with a straightforward quilting process - not urban animal wrangling and trying to fit 10 feet of wadding and fabric through a hole smaller than my letterbox.

So perhaps I am alone in this situation, but if nothing else, my first real quilt [given incomplete to my mother for Christmas] will soon be finished.

Just the binding to go!


Comment by Karen

Hi, just found your blog.

While Rita from Red Pepper Quilts might appear to go from stash fabric to a perfect quilt - believe me, there is a lot of work put in to get to that point.

I would love to see your finished quilt - I am sure it is great.

Posted on February 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Comment by henny

I found your blog via flickr. Thanks for commenting my pic there.
For me (as a beginner) quilting is really a personal journey for each person. Lots of energy, work, passion and time we put into it. I think your first real quilt would be awesome.

Posted on February 27, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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